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Good Money for Good People"
When it comes to quality, speed and cost, the best source of new candidates is employee referrals. ExertPoint has hired 50% or more of their hires last year through Employee Referrals —a direct result of Company Reputation, Simplicity and constant communication.

We are offering an incentive of $1,500 to any employee who refers an applicant who is qualified and subsequently hired for the Current Openings as Posted on Our Website or different Job sites.

What is the employee referral program?

It is an opportunity for full-time employees to receive a cash reward for recommending friends and peers to apply for positions at ExertPoint

Who can participate?

Only full-time regular staff members and Friends can participate in the referral program.

What is the incentive for participating in the referral program?

A check for $1500 will be awarded to any full time staff member who refers an applicant that is hired on a permanent basis.

When will I be awarded?

The referred applicant must be hired and successfully complete their 90 day probationary period before you can be awarded.

How will you know if I referred someone?

Simply send your referrals directly to resume@exertpoint.com mentioning your Name .The referred applicant can list the referring full-time employee in the appropriate place on the job application

Can I participate if I am a hiring manager for my department?

Hiring managers cannot be awarded the bonus for referring individuals for open positions in their own department. Is there a limit on how many referrals I can make?

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